EpicWin Slot Campaign: 99% EPIC HOUR


EpicWin Slot Campaign: 99% EPIC HOUR 

We’re excited to announce this year’s most thrilling event that will be happening in May 2024 – 99% EPIC HOUR. It aimed to provide the ultimate gaming fun with higher RTP for the Australian market. Players get to enjoy this electric atmosphere filled with huge wins in specific games on every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7PM-10PM in May  Join us and enjoy a series of exciting moments! 

Get Ready for the Thrill 

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek into the epic journey that’s waiting. Dive into a world where each reel spin could bring fortune and fun. It’s your ticket to an adrenaline-filled voyage for those who love the thrill and victory joy. So, get ready – excitement is around the corner. We’re about to start an unforgettable quest for epic wins. 

But First, Why EpicWin Slot?  

EpicWin Slot shines brightly in the vast sea of online games. It combines creativity with the chance to win big. With engaging themes, stunning graphics, and innovative features, our games are more than just play. They open a door to a captivating world of chance and big wins. 

Our History of EpicWin Slot Big Wins 

Our games have been a part of many players’ lives, bringing joy and unexpected wins. Every spin at EpicWin Slot is a chance for a new victory story. Many have found their moment of glory with us. We invite you to be next, aiming for your own unforgettable win. 

Seamless Gaming Experience with EpicWin Slot

EpicWin Slot is dedicated to a smooth gaming experience. We ensure your path to excitement is hassle-free. Our platform is easy to use, catering to all players. Whether on desktop or mobile, you’ll find gaming straightforward, allowing you to focus purely on the fun. Dive into consistent gameplay and aim for big wins. 

Now, Let’s Unlocking the Potential of 99% EPIC HOUR 

It’s a special time with higher RTP (Return to Player), offering gaming excitement and huge winning chances. Within these 3 hours, our payout rate jumps to an incredible 99% and above. This gives our players the best opportunity to increase their earnings. 

We believe that a great gaming experience is not just about winning big. It’s also about the thrill of possibly getting a life-changing victory. This is what the 99% EPIC HOUR offers. It pushes your gaming adventure to new levels. It’s not just about playing games; it’s about reaching for something amazing. 

Join us and be a part of a gaming revolution with the highest winning potential. 

How to Participate in the 99% EPIC HOUR 

Joining the 99% EPIC HOUR is easy and exciting. First, let’s look at what you’ll get from this event. You’ll enjoy top gaming experiences and increase your wins. Ready to join this game-changing event? Let’s dive in. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Join EpicWin Slot: 99% EPIC HOUR 

Here’s how to join the 99% EPIC HOUR easily. First, check out our list of partners who’s operating in the Australian market. Then, have or create an active account. This is key to enter the igaming world. If you’re new, signing up is quick and simple. Last but not least, add funds to play and select games specially set for the 99% EPIC HOUR. Be sure to play during the EPIC HOUR to enjoy better payouts and a great gaming experience. 

Tips to Maximize Your Chances with EpicWin Slot 

Want better winning odds during the 99% EPIC HOUR? Here are some tips. Learn the game mechanics of your chosen slots. This includes free spins, bonuses, and paylines to boost your strategy. Watch your spending and bet smarter during the EPIC HOUR for higher payouts. Remember, smart decisions lead to rewards. Use these tips, and you might top the winners’ list! 

Games to Play During the 99% EPIC HOUR 

There will be 3 specific games on every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in May 2024 with different volatility for you to choose from.  

  • Every Wednesday: Great Prosperity, Epic Ace & Year of Ox 
  • Every Thursday: Mythical Creatures, Stone Saga & Ninja Evolution 
  • Every Friday: Great Cai Shen, Panther Moon & Animal Farm  

Our Players’ Favorite Choices 

All games selected for 99% EPIC HOUR are loved by new players and pros. They have different themes, volatility and fun gameplay that keeps players coming back. Celebrate with us the games that have won hearts and given big wins, making them top picks for gaming joy. 

List of Partners to Check Out 

Wondering who supports 99% EPIC HOUR? We have a list of partners whose support makes this gaming experience special. It’s available on our home page.  Don’t miss their special promotions for 99% EPIC HOUR too. Now, let’s rock 99% EPIC HOUR together!